Eival Gilady Chair of the Board

Serves as Chair of the Board of the Western Galilee Academic College, Honorary President of the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia. Formerly served as Chair of the Koret Israel Economic Development Funds and the Portland Trust.

Michal Cohen Board member

Director General of the Rashi Foundation. Michal served as Director General of the Education Ministry for four years, and previously filled different managerial roles in the public service, most recently as the Ministry’s Senior Deputy Director and Director of the Pedagogic Administration. Michal holds an MA degree in education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a diploma in Organizational Consultation for Education Systems from Tel Aviv University, as well as MA in Law from Bar Ilan University.

Avi Natan Board member

Avi served as CEO of Microsoft Israel (2001-2008). Later he became engaged in educational work and currently works as a high-school Math teacher in Kiryat Tivon.

Yael Bela-Avni Board member

Director of Evaluation and Measurement at the Rashi Foundation. Formerly managed a rape-crisis center in Jerusalem and a joint initiative for sexually-abused children and youth.

Dr. Randa Abbas, Ph.D. Education Board member

Lecturer and researcher. Formerly taught at Abu Sanaan High School and managed a women’s center in Julis.

Dr. Arye Baran Board member

Accountant and lecturer. Served as the first elected Head of Kfar Vradim Local Council 1997-2003.

Ruth Gofer Board member

Ruth is the General Director of Northern Star Association and Star Center. She is also a board member of the Western Galilee Academic College.